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Your Trusted Painting Contractor in Long Beach, CA

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You have a lot of decisions to make as a Long Beach homeowner and one of those is which painting company to work with. It's important to get the level of quality workmanship you deserve, especially for the investment you'll be making.

At Super Painting Co., we back our work with a 5-year warranty, just to demonstrate our confidence in the work we do. The process begins with our free consultation and estimate and ends with total and complete customer satisfaction.

You can call for an estimate or request a quote online, but either way you'll want to get started as soon as possible. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin improving your Long Beach home with interior and exterior painting.

Make Sure Your Home is HOA Painting Compliant

A common mistake Long Beach homeowners make is failing to stick to the HOA guidelines in place for house painting. You may think you can just paint however you'd like since it's your house, and then you get that notification in the mail that you're in hot water with your neighborhood's Homeowners Association.

  • Maybe you realize you need your paint color approved by the HOA first, or maybe not. Did you know that you also have to get the actual painting contractor approved, as well? In many cases, this is true. This is one of many reasons it's a good idea to partner with a professional who offers HOA painting and is experienced and established in this field.
  • Painting without approval can earn you some hefty fines. Not only that, you'll have the added expense of needing to repaint your home, immediately.
  • Painters who aren't HOA approved are often unlicensed or use inferior paint. The problem with this is that the paint they use may not look the same as the sample because it's cheap. It doesn't have to be off by much to end up non-compliant with the HOA guidelines.

You don't have to take a gamble. Call the Super Painting Co. team in order to get the results you expect from a professional Long Beach painting company.

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If you are looking for a painting company in Long Beach, call us today at 310-381-9027 or complete our online request form.

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